About Me

Hi, I’m Rachel!

And I’m a mom at twenty, as if the title of my blog wasn’t a dead give away. I am so excited about what our adventure has in store for us and you’re along for the ride!

My Husband Tony and I met when I graduated from High School and began dating soon after. He asked me to be his wife later in August than married in November. Yes, I was married at 18. And to be honest, it is the best decison I’ve ever made in my life. We are adventure addicts together and love a good thrill, especially one that involves the outdoors. We, camp, fish, ski, constantly hike, love exploring new places, and love all things mountains.

More about me, I love to be crafty. Which comes to the point where you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of my craftiness in my blog! I love DIY’s and definitely know a thing or to when it comes to a low budget. I sure do love me some animals as well! I grew up having almost every domestic and exotic animal you could have (no joke), so of course I have grown to love all animals. Especially cats! Yes my favorite animal by far is definitely a cat. I have a bengal cat named Mr. Cat because we all couldn’t agree on a name. I love to garden and I love being outside to just enjoy the beauty of nature and everything it has to offer. I sure love the sun and deeply miss it when its snowy and cold outside. So yes that means I love warm weather more than ice and snow. I love sports, mostly tennis, and being active!

I’m super stoked to be writing in this blog and am grateful for the opportunity I have to share my life experiences with everyone. Don’t hesitate to follow along, I promise I’ve got great things in store!