One Month with Rosalie

My little Rosie Lu is one month! (and a little over a week lol) a little late on getting her one month pictures done but we made it haha. Little did you know she was a little feisty trying to get these pictures taken. luckily there were some where she wasn’t getting mad at me so it worked!

My little Rosalie is one fireball that’s for sure! She lets you know when she’s upset or needs to be moved or paid more attention to. She knows what she wants! She can be a little feisty at times but mostly is such a sweetheart.

Strong! boy is she so strong haha. I think this girl surpasses all babies her age in strength because wow.. she will keep her head up for like a half hour straight without dropping it. crazy! And man is she so focused on everything she is in to. With her big eyes she just concentrates so hard on whatever it is she is looking at.

We got her to smile at 3 weeks and it completely melted my heart. Since then we have been able to make her smile several times and she has the sweetest smile! Not just tiny smiles, they are always huge open mouth smiles and it just brightens anyones day!

She eats ALOT. She is going to outgrow Vincent for sure.. She already is out of her newborn stuff and is on to 0 – 3! Vincent didn’t fit that till 2 1/2 months he was so small. She definitely likes her food because she is not afraid to wake up at several times to eat during the night. Which I can’t complain because I’m obsessed with her so I don’t mind waking up.

She hates hates her carseat with a passion which makes driving so fun lol. She’s not a binky fan which sometimes has its pros and cons.. She is so crazy with her hands haha, super expressive with her hands and its so cute I love it. The best way to put her to sleep is by patting her on the back and she will always go back to sleep.

We are so smitten over her I can’t even describe it. We love you miss Rosalie! Happy one month!

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