Baby Round 2!

Soo obviously the cats out of the bag.. but we’re pregnant! Again! We are so so excited to add another darling angel in our family! We can’t wait! Honestly, there aren’t really any words to describe the feeling of being pregnant again. It’s like this combination of feeling excited, nervous, scared, anxious, love, joy, fear, gratitude, and responsibility wrapped up in one big overwhelming feeling. I am just excited to expand my love for my family bigger than I know! Life just keeps getting better and better! Tony is just excited to be a dad again, although he does have his concerns about being about to provide which is every mans instinct even though we both know we are more than prepared!

So this pregnancy is so different than the last with Vincent. Like I don’t even know how to describe it. When I was first pregnant with Vincent I knew right away. I was also sick with morning sickness at first and it was so terrible. Weirdly enough.. I have not had morning sickness yet! Crossing my fingers it stays that way… But I almost feel like I’m not even pregnant. I mean yeah, I do have the occasional cramp but nothing like I’ve never felt before. Sometimes I freak out and am like ‘are you alive?? Are you even in there??’ haha. Part of me still doesn’t believe that I’m pregnant because it just doesn’t feel real at all. But hey if 10 tests say I am then it must be true hahaha.

When I first found out it was 4 days before my first missed period, so I wasn’t even suspecting it. It’s hilarious because I was with my mom in a little grocery store and we were talking about if I were to get pregnant again and I was like ‘Hey let’s take a test for fun, wouldn’t hurt!’. So we bought a test, went to the bathroom, I took the test and It had two very faint lines. We both looked at each other and our mouths were open! We both never suspected it! But we weren’t exactly sure because they were so faint and giving us doubts because we were in such shock. So I bought another to take a couple days later in the morning and there was still two lines! So I called my mom and confirmed I’m pregnant!! Yay!!

I had this huge plan how I was going to tell Tony that I was pregnant, I was going to tell him on our vacation and was super anxious because I didn’t want to wait a long time haha. But…… I totally gave It away… Oops. I have been kind of emotional the past couple weeks and it’s been driving him crazy haha but several days after I found out, I bought prenatals and had them in the car with me as we were driving down to a family party and he found them and was like ‘Uhh what are these for…’ And of course I am a terrible liar and can’t lie to save my life and I was like.. ‘oh ha.. well those are good for me.. so I want to take them..’ and he looked me in the eye, raised an eyebrow, and was like you’re pregnant. And I burst out laughing because I couldn’t say no without smiling. But he was so excited he kept saying No way! No way!! Kissing me while I was driving just super excited. Even though It wasn’t the way I planned it, It was still cute to see how happy he was about it.

My mood swings have been so fun haha.. I don’t even know what are real feelings or pregnancy feelings at this point. Bless Tony’s heart for having patience with me! I am more tired than ever, so It’s been kind of hard because Vinny likes to wake up at 5:40 on the dot every time so I take naps every time Vincent takes a nap haha. One similarity I am having with my last pregnancy is I am 100% craving seafood as always. Like full blown I’m going to eat like 5 pounds of shrimp haha. It’s so bad! I’m anxious to see how the rest of this pregnancy will pan out.

But more than anything, I am so so happy. Like, I can’t even describe, overwhelming happy. I am so so excited to meet this little girl or boy that is growing inside my belly and I am so grateful for Heavenly Father for this opportunity to be a mom again! I can’t wait to share this journey with all of you!! Thank you for your love and support!!

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