It’s Not About The Hair

Ever since Vincent was born he has drawn so much attention because of how much hair he had from day 1 till now. BUT the type of attention has been starting to change. The more “wow” looks. Why? here’s why. Long, his hair is so long haha. Many people mistake him for a girl which is fine, and I don’t care because I understand it’s not normal for a little boy to have long hair let alone a 10 month old baby with long hair period. But what amazed me was the comments people would give to me ha. Such as; ” Wow you should really cut his hair”, “you know he looks like a girl? You should probably change that” “Why do you keep his hair long? looks kind of sloppy” ( yes someone really said that ) , or the hilarious raise of eye brows saying “oh.. it’s a boy…” . Happens every time I go to the store haha.

It started to really bother me the comments people would make about me keeping his long hair. My husband then did a poll on Facebook about whether or not to cut. A lot of people said to cut it, but also a lot said to not. But again, those comments made me feel awkward. I almost cut it. But then I thought… Why would I change what I love because of the opinions of others?? Once I cut it, Thats it. Its gone. probably won’t grow back for a while. And for what? because someone thought he looked too much like a girl? So what! I love his long hair. Its his trademark haha. He can’t be VINNY without his long darling hair. So now I’ve decided to Let It Go.. and Let It Grow 😉 Who cares what other people think! So now I man bun it 😉 you should see the looks now hahaha. Do I care? not really. Because Its something Iadore and I love. I’m not going to change something because you don’t like it.

Now I bet you’re wondering why is this post about hair when you said it wasn’t about hair? Well Its not about the hair. It’s about not changing things because of the opinions of others. Whether its your looks or what you do, If you love it than don’t you dare change because someone disagrees or doesn’t like it. THEIR *clap* OPINIONS *clap* DON’T *clap*   MATTER *clap* AT ALL! If It makes you feel happy and feel good about your self then gosh darn keep doing it. Wear your hair crazy, color your hair crazy, wear crazy makeup and outfits, I don’t care! and neither should you.

I feel so passionate about this haha. My whole life I’ve cared so much about what people think. I would change myself because I wanted every person to think ‘highly’ of me. Until one day I couldn’t take it anymore and I let go. Once I let go of what people thought of me, I felt so free. so happy.So myself. Thats why I started blogging. I always wanted to do it but I was “afraid” that people would laugh and say ” oh wow, typical mom blogger”. Once I let go, I didn’t care if people thought that. I didn’t care if people hated my blog. My own sister hated that I had a blog and held it against me for a while. Until she understood why I do it. Not to gain popularity or to be liked by others. I love love love this. I love to write so much. I love to express things with pictures and words. And nothing will make me stop especially the opinions of others.


It all boils down to jealousy. Seriously. Most of the time it’s because they are jealous they aren’t as open to new and fun things as you are. They are jealous you are doing something they’ve wanted to do but haven’t. We live in such a negative social media world. I watch as people comment on pictures and no doubt there will always be harsh comments.. Why?! It’s honestly because of jealousy!!! Because you are getting the attention they aren’t. I can’t say this enough… BE YOU. Don’t change who you are because of the opinions of others. I love you guys, I love all my readers. And I hope you Let It Go and be you, because that’s the best version of yourself. Love you all!!!

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