7 Months

7 months old… I have a 7 month old.

like what??

I never realized It would be true whenever people told me that they grow so fast. At the beginning, I was like, ” yeah okay..” ( rolls eyes).. ( just kidding I’m not that rude) but still! I never knew I would be saying those words until now! They grow so fast its crazy! I look back at pictures of Vincent and I all these newborns and I can’t help but ask if he was really that tiny? It seems crazy to me!

Vincent has the most darling personality. He is so so sweet and loves his mom ( which I adore but can be frustrating when he’s really needy) I get told every day that he is the most gorgeous baby anyone has ever seen, man he is a lady killer. He already puts his arms out to whomever he wants to be held by which is cute until its complete strangers… Puts us in an awkward position especially when they accept the fact he wants them to hold him and they put out their arms as if to hold him and I step back lol. But hey, at least he’s not shy!

He hates being on his tummy more than anything in this world, but he for sure loves to be sitting and standing. He’s been able to sit up on his own since he was 5 months old! He constantly wants to walk around and its the cutest thing when he walks really fast with his stomping feet haha! He doesn’t care to roll over but he will do it when he chooses to. He is starting to crawl from sitting up then leaning over and does a funny back and forth move on his hands and knees until he falls over. He can stand up by himself as long as he is holding onto something. Man this kid loves to crawl all over me, he is such a mover already. I honestly can’t keep up with him!

Changing diapers is a tough one already due to the fact that he knows how to take off a diaper and loves to grab down there haha. Vincent loves water so much, he has to sit up in the bath to splash his arms and that’s all he wants to do. He is very picky about texture with his food, it has to be very soft with no clumps and especially warm! The craziest thing is that he loves to drink out of a straw and he is so good at it!

Vincent says dada and baba, and will say mama only when he is whining lol. We love him so so much it hurts! He sleeps really good and is so sweet he hardly cries! I am so lucky I have the easiest baby ever. We are super excited about Christmas because Vincent loves loves lights! This boy is growing so fast I can’t keep up with him! We love you Vincent!!!

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