Vincent’s Birth Story

This birth story is very special to me. Not only is it precious but it is the most amazing experience I’ve ever experienced in my life. Nothing will ever really prepare you for the incredible feelings of love you will experience. I was working as a teacher at a ELC (Early Learning Center) for preschoolers and loved every part of it! I was planning on working until I had Vincent on my due date May 4th. On April 25th, At work I started having contractions pretty close within each other and was anxious to see how far along I was at my doctors appointment later that day around 3:00. Jokingly, I said to my co workers as I left for the day, ” Maybe todays the day haha”.

At my doctors appointment which it took I swear 2 hours to get into and was very disappointing! She checked how far along I was and I was only Dilated at a 1 1/2 and 40% effaced so not even close. She mentioned that it’s normal to go over due and she believed I would be doing that. I went home upset because I was so ready and anxious to have him and was annoyed because I thought I was getting close with those contractions earlier and felt like It was just going to drag on. Later that night, as my husband and I were getting ready for bed I felt really uncomfortable. I laid in bed and was trying so hard to sleep but could not get past the uncomforableness I was feeling. At around 11:00 tossing and turning ( as much as a can with that belly lol) I felt something drip down my leg. Curious, I scooted off the bed and stood up. Immediately fluids came out really fast and my face went white. I started shaking because I knew that wasn’t a normal every day pregnancy thing. My water just broke.

I called my mom just to make sure It was my water and to get advice because for some reason my brain exploded lol and I couldn’t for the life of me think what to do next. Dumb right? I bet your thinking just go to the hospital duh. Well I wasn’t sure if it was my water so anyways my mom said to call them and tell them what happened and see what they say. I also didn’t think it was my water because not a lot came out, just enough that it was weird, it was a light brown color, and I wasn’t having any contractions. So I called and they told me to just come in. I then woke my husband up and we anxiously drove to the hospital at 12.00 a.m.

The nurse then checked me and I was still only dilated at a 2 and 50% effaced. But she said that definitely was my water and I’m having the baby. Knowing that I had to go from a 2 to a 10 at the hospital was a lovely feeling lol, I thought I would be in there for forever but luckily It went by faster then I thought. Interestingly enough my nurse informed me that my doctor accidentally stripped my membranes at my appointment which put me into labor when she checked me earlier. They gave me pain meds so I could try and sleep while my contractions were going and wait until the epidural. Time finally came to have my epidural once my contractions became unbearable for me. Wanna know the crazy part? The epidural only worked on my right side! So I felt everything with my left side! Which actually Im really glad it happened that way because I got to experience having him somewhat naturally on one side lol. I was started to become very scared and worried about the whole process and asked if I could have a blessing. My husband went out to search for another priesthood holder to come and assist. In the blessing my husband said that everything will be okay with Vincent and that he will be strong, after that I was filled with an intense amount of peace and I knew that I and he would be okay. It was soon time to push and deliver Vincent, my doctor came in and I started pushing. Once he was getting close all the nurses and the doctor were dying over his hair, they started playing with it as I was pushing him out hahaha! funny right? But in my mind I was like okay enough fooling around and just let me have this baby already!

 At 8:43 a.m on April 26th, Vincent was born! That moment when they put him on my chest, my heart burst. I can not explain the intense amount of love I felt for that tiny little human. I immediately started crying as I looked up to my husband who had tears in his eyes. I never wanted to let go of my sweet boy. At that moment I didn’t care about anything else in this world. Hearing him cry for the first time as he came out my motherly instincts kicked in a full blown and I just wanted to comfort and hold him and do everything for him to make him happy.

We were very anxious to take him home 24 hours after I had him but was informed that because of my family’s history of  really really high bilirubin and jaundice he needed to stay another day. At that moment I had a really hard time because I didn’t want my sweet boy to be under the lights where I can’t hold him and comfort him. I then remembered the blessing that was given and felt peace that Vincent would be strong and over come this quickly. The next test they gave they came back and said because Vincent is doing so well he does not have to be under the lights but they still want him to stay another night to make sure it doesn’t go up. I immediately started to cry because I knew that blessing worked and I felt Heavenly Fathers hand in helping with Vincent’s jaundice. On April 28, we were able to take him home with us and no further tests needed. I am so grateful for my husband and my sweet baby boy. I am so grateful that I had such a wonderful and amazing experience. Nothing in this world can explain the emotions and the experience of having a baby. I cry as I write this because it brings up an intense feeling of joy and love I felt. There’s lots I did not write about because it’s very precious to my husband and I. I sure love my family.

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