Best Quality Car Seats

It’s been a while! sorry for the long break, I actually just had my baby and will be posting his birth story soon! But before I had Vincent, I had a really hard time picking out car seats. I’ve bought 3 car seats and returned them all because I was super picky, no joke. Definitely had some losses until I found the one that really worked for me! Picking out the right car seat is a big deal, you’re not only going to carry it around for a long time but it is the one thing that will keep your baby safe and comfortable so it’s very important to buy the right one. And as many of you know car seats have an expiration date. In my opinion, It is super important to buy car seats new instead of used because you know where it’s been and if its been in an accident and also when it is expired. Most car seats expire after 6 years from the date of manufacture. Now on this list I have provided for you, it goes to most expensive to least, which actually, in my opinion, it goes from the best car seat down as well! ( funny thing my featured picture has the top 3 I listed, first two are Maxi-Cosi then Nuna and Chicco!)

1. Nuna PIPA or STOKKE

Left – Nuna Pipa / Right – Nuna Stokke

Nuna car seats are smart baby gear inspired by Dutch designers so it is definitely high quality! Now I chose the Nuna Pipa over the Stokke just because I wanted the black sleek car seat, they both are very excellent and are about the same! I love the Pipa so much, probably one of the lightest car seats except for the Maxi-Cosi down below. One thing I really love about this car seat is the feature called the dream drape which is a micro knit fabric with a mesh peek a boo window that extends over the baby as a sun protectant, It almost acts as a quick car seat cover which is very useful when you can’t find your cover haha. The car seat also has a mesh peek a boo window in the back for when you need to check on your little person in the Nuna stroller! Another feature I love about this car seat is actually the base, which has a leg that extends out of the base for maximum safety in your car. The car seat is also super easy to unlatch from the base which is super nice! It’s a very sleek and stylish car seat which no doubt can make your life easier when it comes to your little one, plus there are many colors to choose from. I’ve loved it!

2. Maxi-Cosi


Next on my list which is by far the lightest car seat I’ve ever held is the Maxi-Cosi! My sister has the Maxi-Cosi for her twins and she absolutely loves it. One really great thing about this car seat is the way the handle bar is, most car seats are really annoying to put toys on because the toys always hit the baby in the head haha, so the handle bar is higher and works perfectly. Just like the Nuna, the Maxi-Cosi is very easy to unlatch from the base for a quick grab and go! The only downside I think is that it’s very deep so when your little one gets a little older it can be kind of squishy, which is no problem if your baby doesn’t mind. I also really love the style of this car seat, it’s very sleek as well. It’s smaller than the Nuna which is why it is much lighter. The cushioning is very soft and is really great for the protection of your baby too. This car seat to is very high quality and safe for you baby!

3. Chicco Keyfit 30

Chicco Keyfit 30 

After the Maxi-Cosi, I found that the Chicco is a very excellent car seat. Not quite as light as the two above because of its coarse thick fabric. This car seat is very adjustable to ensure your child is secure. It’s very easy to install and also very easy to unlatch from the base. Probably the biggest thing with this car seat is the safety. It has passed so many crash tests with flying colors. There have been many people who have testified getting in massive fatal wrecks keeping the infant safe and unharmed which is a big deal for those who definitely stress on the safety of your child. It can get difficult to carry the bigger your child gets, but if you don’t mind a heavier car seat and want the highest safety car seat then I would definitely go with this one!

4. Britax


The Britax is a light weight car seat just like the Maxi-Cosi and has almost the same features as well. The only downside I would say is that it’s not as great as quality as the Maxi-Cosi. But if you are not wanting to spend too much on a car seat the Britax is basically the cheaper version of the Maxi-Cosi! It has lots of safety features for infants although you might find it a bit snug for larger babies. A great option for those who want a stylish, light, and safe car seat for not as much as the high-quality brands!

Also, If you don’t like or have different opinions about the car seats that were listed. I would highly recommend looking at for their top pick of the best infant car seats! Also same with their post about their top picks on the new convertible car seats! I highly recommend checking out these articles if your are not quite satisfied with those provided above. They have such amazing information!

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