Diaper Bag must haves

Having the right diaper bag that fits you and what you like is very important. There are so many diaper bags out there to choose from but knowing which one to get out of the millions can be super hard! You don’t want to keep buying and taking back bags you don’t like, thats a super long and annoying process. Thats why I’m here to show you the top diaper bags to make shopping for one easier for you! But everyone does have their own preference when it comes to bags, so you could like one and another person can hate it. Its definitely just preference.


Nena & Co. 

 I have absolutely loved having a Nena & Co. bag!! I bought it as my personal bag because I love it so much but It works so great as a diaper bag! I would get the Convertible Day Bag becuase not only does it have a strap but you can also wear it as a backpack! This bag is so large and spacious, plenty of room for all of your baby essentials. One down side of this bag is it wasn’t made for a diaper bag so there aren’t a whole lot of pockets. Which can be really easy to fix! There are awesome inserts you can buy from ToteSavvy! They work wonders! You seriously can turn any bag into a diaper bag with these inserts! Which makes this Nena & Co without much pockets a definite diaper bag must have! Anther super cool thing about this bag is that they are all one of a kind. Each are hand loomed in Guatemala which makes it even more uniuqe. All the unique designs are the perfect touch to make your life a little more adventurous.


The Honest Company

If you are looking for more of a backpack look I would definitely go with the Honest Company Honest City Backpack. I had a free trail with this bag and loved it but went with a different bag instead! This bag is amazing because it has so many pockets. Its the perfect grab and go diaper bag and super easy to wipe down because of its faux leather so cleaning up is a breeze. It also has an insulated pocket for things like snacks or bottles. One thing I didn’t like about this bag is that It wasn’t as wide as I wanted it to be so I decided to switch to another bag which I will show on the next bag. But like I said, its all preference and some people love this bag over the one I chose! Its also so fashionable that even dad wouldn’t mind walking around with the bag!


Fawn Design 

This is by far my favorite bag and the bag I ended up packing up for the trip to the hospital! Its about the same as the Honest City Backpack except for a few things which is why I switched. Yes It can be a backpack just like the Honest but It also has a strap for a quick grab! Its also super wide and spacious which is a must have. It has a total of 10 pockets on the bag, 4 on the outside and 6 on the Inside. Just like the Honest bag, this bag is faux leather which makes a wipe down super easy as well. They range from a couple different colors like blush pink, gray, brown, black, red, and nude. They also have minis which are so so adorable!! You can match with your toddlers and its the perfect size for them! I love how fashionable they are and unique. You can be having a boy and still have the blush pink bag like me because they don’t even look like diaper bags! They honestly look more like a larger purse which I love. I absolutely love this bag and I know that you will too!!


Kiki Lu

The next bag that I have checked out and loved as well is the Kiki Lu Bag. Its actually almost exactly the same as the Fawn Design bag but looks just a little different! Its a little more longer horizontally which makes its pockets just a little bigger. It has 5 pockets on the outside and 5 pockets on the inside. One thing I found was really nice was the huge pocket on the back which was perfect for quickly slipping in pacifiers, your phone, and many other things. The material is faux leather as well which again makes cleaning a lot easier. This bag makes the perfect diaper bag and works well for everything! Now its all about preference!!

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