Maternity Pictures!! Probably one of the most exciting things about pregnancy is doing a maternity photoshoot! But.. little would you know that this day was actually a disaster. Let me start off by saying its OKAY to be flexible when it comes to schedules. I am a very organized and scheduled person so when things don’t go as planned I tend to stress so it was a good lesson for me to learn to be more relaxed haha.

Little would you know that we were 25 minutes late, I hadn’t showered in literally 3 days (gross I know) so I was living on dry shampoo, I forgot my curling iron so I had to rush to my sisters and it turned out she didn’t have one so we used a straightener, it was a crazy rainy day so my dress fell on the ground and was so wet, I forgot my shoes, and best of all we only had a half hour to shoot since I was 25 minutes late. Whohoo! haha. But in spite of all the craziness, my photographer Shaylei Halling did an amazing job and I’m so grateful she used her amazing skills to make it look like it was planned out so perfectly!! Makes me so so excited for my little baby to be here!!

Flower crown made by me // pearl embroidered Dress // Floral Dress look alike ( original sold out at Bohme) // Bag

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