Top 2 Free Pregnancy Apps 

Being a first time mom can be tough I get it. There are so many things you need to learn about pregnancy and each growing step! Sometimes getting on the internet can be very overwhelming!

Pregnancy apps are the best. Why? Because it helps with the stress of taking in so much information all at once. They help break things down for you week by week! I’ve done my studies and found the top best free pregnancy apps out there!

1. Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker 

This is by far my favorite pregnancy app! It guides you week by week with each growing moment in you and your baby. Not only that, but it also updates you daily with new upcoming stages, milestones, activity tips, nutrition and cooking suggestions, and many amazing articles from life baby hacks to what to expect at your next doctors appointment! One of my favorite things about this app is it has super fun examples of the size of you baby each week! There are different themes you can choose from like fruits, weird-but-cute animals, fun & games, and Parisian bakery! It also shows you the size of your baby’s hand each week which I love.    

Ovia also lets you add as many milestones as you want. Makes journaling about your pregnancy super easy as well! You can record almost everything you can think of about your pregnancy! It also has a calendar you can put each doctors appointment and other things like your baby shower and of course your delivery date!! This app has seriously been a life savor for me. Its one I definitely recommend!

2. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

This app is a great option if you are looking for one with more realistic photos of your babys’ new growth stages and more. Other than the Ovia app, the BabyBump gives very accurate examples of what you baby looks like each week and what to expect when you deliver! Both apps do about the same things but in just different ways! Its all about preference now! This app also lets you search over 25,000 baby names! You can spider web each name to see creative spellings! If you’re like me, you have a hard deciding names ha. So this feature was a huuugggee help. Super awesome App!

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