My Pregnancy Announcement

Okay so I normally don’t do this but I am posting twice in one day! What! I realized I never even showed you guys my pregnancy announcement photos or even told you how I found out I was pregnant! My bad.

So the spring of 2016 I really started to have baby fever watching a lot of my friends and people I knew announce they are pregnant! So of course.. I wanted to be pregnant ha. Yeah I know, not the best reason to go and get pregnant. Anyways, I started calculating when I ovulate and I was tracking my period and reading on articles faster ways to become pregnant. I was so obsessed with it that each time I found out I wasn’t pregnant I was super upset. So finally in July I thought to myself I need to stop obsessing over something that isn’t completely in my control. I need to let go and focus on other things that are important. I then wanted to wait to become pregnant until It was my husband and I who wanted a baby. Not because everyone else was, but for us. So I stopped tracking my cycle and let everything go! Crazy thing, once I let go.. one month later we went on a vacation to Minnesota and when we came back we had a super late flight so we both wanted to sleep in when we got home. All of the sudden I woke up at 7 a.m and thought to myself I should take a pregnancy test. Just out of the blue, so weird. I looked at the digital test and It showed positive!! Now let me tell you that was the weirdest feeling ever! Once I let go of all the hub bub of baby fever, I got pregnant! So crazy right! I then was so excited to tell my husband I immediately found a simple way to tell him and jumped on the bed all giddy. One of the most memorable times of my life!

Announcement Photos 

Best and cheapest foil balloons from Hobby Lobby! I found they are definitely the cheapest from other stores and work perfect for any fun occasion.

 (sold out at Bohme but here’s another dress similar) Dress   //   Shoes   //   Hat 

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