Say Goodbye Stretch Marks

Okay first of all.. who likes stretch marks? I mean seriously? You don’t have to be pregnant to get stretch marks. It’s just a part of life! Unfortunately being pregnant brings on a lot more than usual. Lucky for you I have the best solution when it comes to those nasty things. If you don’t mind spending $40 on a lotion or oil then I would definitely suggest The KOPARI Coconut Melt!


Not Only is this GMO free, it’s also 100% organic. Also, not only is this for stretch marks, it can be used as a makeup remover, hair mask, dry shave oil, fix circles under eyes, and its the best baby butter ever! I am soo In love with this and go through it constantly because I use it for everything! Wanna know the best part? I haven’t had a single stretch mark.. and I am 7 months pregnant! Amazing right!! I prefer this over any lotion and oil there is.  I put this on right after I get out of the shower because It helps lock in the moisture. After I put it on, I let it soak into my skin before I put on any clothes so my clothes don’t rub any of the oil off. Never in my life have I ever had as smooth skin as I’ve had with this coconut oil.

Now If you actually mind spending $40 on an oil or lotion then and would prefer to go cheap, then I would recommend the PALMER’S Cocoa Butter Formula. You can get this lotion in almost any grocery store, from Target to Walmart.

Palmer’s Coconut Butter

Whats great about this lotion is it’s not only amazing, but It’s under $7! Super affordable and works wonders! Your skin feels so smooth just after one use of this lotion and it doesn’t break the bank. I use this lotion when I don’t have any more of the Kopari coconut oil. But honestly, I almost love it just as much! Just apply this lotion just like how I described to apply the oil above right after you shower. One tip I have while using this lotion is a little goes along way. You don’t need a lot to make sure you have smooth skin and no stretch marks. You’ll end up wasting a lot if you lather dime size amounts. This lotion is amazing for when you already have stretch marks because it makes them less noticeable. I definitely recommend this in your next shopping trip!

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